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Typical gays

Posted at age 24.

HIM: hey handsome!
ME: are we ever going to meet? :-(
HIM: UGH, YES! However, we better do it soon lol I’m dating someone now
ME: what the hell! lol
ME: well do u want to come over now?
HIM: I’m at work. FML
ME: how long have you …

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High school chat about homos

Posted at age 14.

Charlie: alan
Charlie: how r u
Alan: fine, y tu
Charlie: pretty good
Charlie: im having issues
Charlie: with my girlfriend
Charlie: but im alright
Alan: what happened?
Charlie: long long story are you really interested
Alan: i enjoy long stories
Charlie: oh boy i’ve being chatting for 7 …

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Hello Matthew

Posted at age 13.

Hello Matthew. Erase the last email I sent, and continue replying from this one. I will try to remember some of what I typed before.

I feel so terrible about that email. I spent so long working on it. What a waste. I poured out all of my thoughts and …

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