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Hello! I’m Charlie Gorichanaz!

I’m a software engineer based in San Francisco. After leaving the beer and brats of my native Milwaukee, I found a home in the Bay Area, where my accent sounds fairly neutral, and some people even understand the word bubbler. Then I lived in Tokyo for a year, and now I find it difficult to stay put.

I earned my biochemistry degree while directing The Badger Herald’s web department and studying Vitamin D in Hector DeLuca’s lab. Then I spent a month in Buenos Aires before starting my career. I architected systems and solved clients’ business problems for five years and was a product manager for Movable Type.

My years in the lab and at the newspaper, as well as involvement in family businesses since age 10, have taught me to critically analyze and find the best way forward while staying patient, passionate and humble. I try to apply these lessons to all things in life.

I love reading, running, listening to music, recording photos and videos and collecting data of all sorts.

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Note: I’m in the process of switching my blog back to Movable Type from Wordpress, so most of my historic content is offline.