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Posted at age 23. Edited at age 27.

Charlie’s commitment to excellence is rare in the world of client/vendor relationships. He is not someone who will merely write code necessary to complete development on a project for a client; he will commit to making sure it is the best version of the product that it can be.

His skills as a developer are second to none. He writes excellent code and documents absolutely everything. He takes the time to explain complicated technical concepts to non-technical clients, and he does it politely and professionally.

But best of all, Charlie thinks holistically about projects. He does not think in terms of the limitations (in other words, he won’t tell you, “this is why this won’t work”). Instead, he thinks outside of the box, and always manages to deliver a solution that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Melanie Bender, Director of Digital Projects, The Washingtonian

Charlie has a keen insight into the inner workings of Movable Type. His knowledge of Perl, as well as MT template development, are an incredible asset. What’s more, Charlie’s knowledge ranges beyond Movable Type into advanced interaction and integration between HTML, CSS and JavaScript, making him an important part of our team.

Charlie works offsite, but he can always be counted upon to get his work in on-time, and in scope. If something moves out of scope, Charlie can recognize and communicate how that will affect timelines and deployment.

I can always count on him to provide insightful input, elegant, efficient code. Charlie is a joy to work with! I look forward to working with Charlie again!

Clay Leeds, Senior Web Developer, HID Global

I cannot speak highly enough of Charlie’s years at The Badger Herald. He is a self-starting, enterprising, intelligent person. In my time at the Herald he redesigned our website entirely on his own, twice, the result of which won our newspaper multiple awards. He would be a huge asset to any company in need of a web presence, particularly start-up companies.

Kevin Bargnes, Editor in Chief, The Badger Herald

Charlie has always been a welcomed voice and a voice of reason, and helped me during the hardest times. Charlie really does love this paper, and the idea of a free and independent press.

Jason Smathers, Editor in Chief, The Badger Herald

Charlie is a very talented, passionate, and motivated web and media director, and I am lucky to have worked under his supervision for several years. Charlie’s work and ideas are cutting edge, making him a genuinely creative asset to any team.

Logan Cascia, Online Features Editor, The Badger Herald

Charlie was a committed worker with a keen eye for how he could make each client’s service better. He followed instructions well, and took extra steps to make clients happy. I would certainly hire Charlie again.

Sara Nagreen, Learning Support Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Charlie is a tireless worker who displays both vision and a passion for detail work.

Tim Williams, Managing Editor, The Badger Herald

While I was a PhD student I hired Charlie to help with a research project. Charlie demonstrated a strong aptitude for the work; he was very bright and diligent, and a pleasure to work with.

Michael Ciuchta, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Charlie ran two Dollar Discount stores that his mom had franchised. I was the controller of the franchiser and worked with Charlie when he had accounting questions. I would also see him at our trade shows, where he did a large part of the buying for his mom’s stores. He did all this as a teenager.

Carlo Silvesti, Controller, Dollar Discount Stores of America