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Typical gays

Posted at age 24.

HIM: hey handsome!
ME: are we ever going to meet? :-(
HIM: UGH, YES! However, we better do it soon lol I’m dating someone now
ME: what the hell! lol
ME: well do u want to come over now?
HIM: I’m at work. FML
ME: how long have you been dating someone?
HIM: lol um we’ve been talking for about a little over a month now?
ME: how many times have you hung out, slept over, had sex, etc?
HIM: lol 8 dates, 5 nights out dancing, slept over not yet, had sex not yet
ME: awh how cute
ME: would he be upset if he found out we fucked today?
HIM: probably…
HIM: I’d be upset if I found out he had sex with someone today
ME: hmm. but you want to mess with me? :-)
HIM: I’ve wanted to for a while now