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Nov 7th: Here’s the deal

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This was written by Cassie W of Hartford Union High School

Hello Fellow Myspacers,

What will you be doing in 60 days? You probably dont know. You probably dont really care. November 7th, 2006 is just another day that you have to go through. But its not. Its so much more.

In 60 days, on November 7th, theres a vote. Again, probably not a big deal to most of you politically uninvolved people. But its a big deal. A bill is trying to be passed that would permanently ban gay marriages and civil unions in the state of Wisconsin. If that doesnt get your blood boiling, it goes a step further. The second line of the proposed ban reads, Any legal status substantially similar will not be valid in this state. [paraphrased] What does that mean? You ask.Well Ill tell you.

It means that itll go even further that banning marriage and civil unions. It will get rid of any shared benefits for ANY unmarried couple; gay or straight. That means that domestic partnerships will no longer be available either. This affects both gay and straight couples. It denies them all the critical benefits needed to live comfortably and stably.

Is November 7th still just an ordinary day? Not by far.

Some of you may be thinking, I cant vote. Im not gay. Why is it my problem? It may not be your problem, but think of your loved ones. What would you do if someone tried telling your sister or brother or best friend that they couldnt marry the person they loved? Would you be okay with that? Most of you on here know me (hopefully) and know that I identify as a lesbian. So if this ban passes, I cant get married. Ever. That shouldnt be okay with you.

And to those who cant vote, theres so much more you can do! I cant vote, yet I talk to people every chance I get and Ive persuaded voters to change their minds and get out there. Because although I dont support having MY future in the hands of everyone but me, I recognize that I have to opportunity, and the privilege to get out there and do the best I can to educate the people who are to decided if I get to get married. Im going to make a sign to put on my locker, and if youd like one too, just ask! There are things you can do, if you really care enough.

November 7th, 2006 is going to change my life. Its going to change the lives of your loved ones. And you can do something about it. The question is, what are you going to do? In our Constitution it says all men are created equal. Prove it. Vote NO on November 7th. Vote NO if you want equality for everyone. Vote NO if you know that it shouldnt be up to the government to decide who someone gets to spend their life with. Vote NO if this proposed ban makes you sick to your stomach, like it does me. Vote NO if you have a shred of decency and compassion in your heart. And if youve got no other reason, vote NO for me.

Vote NO because its the right thing to do. You know it is. Dont let me down, and dont let the LGBT couples of Wisconsin down.

Pass this on. November 7th is so much more than just a Tuesday. Its the day thats going to change the lives of thousands of people in this state. Its a day to show who the true Americans are. The Americans who still value our Constitution and believe in equality for everyone.

Keep it going. Were almost there.

Much love,

Cassie W

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Presidents of the State Bar of Wisconsin spoke out against the civil unions and marriage ban today. Seventeen former presidents, the bars current president and president-elect released the following joint statement.

We, the undersigned, are current, future and former Presidents of the State Bar of Wisconsin. The State Bar is the leading professional organization of Wisconsin attorneys. We speak as individual leaders of the Wisconsin legal community, not as representatives of the Bar.

We oppose the proposed constitutional amendment banning civil unions for all unmarried couples and marriage for gay and lesbian couples. These are the three major reasons for our opposition:

Our Constitution exists to grant rights, not deny them. Our founding fathers drafted our Constitution to embrace rights and freedoms which were to stand firm through all time and through all political changes. Wisconsin’s Constitution, like the United States Constitution, is a document which grants rights to citizens. It is not, has not been, and should not be used as a political means to restrict the rights of any citizens.

Wisconsin law already restricts marriage. Historically, restrictions on various classes of people from marrying have been enacted through statute, not by constitutional amendment. For example, Wisconsin had prohibited people with epilepsy from marrying. Currently, Wisconsin state law restricts marriage to a legal union between a man and a woman. As such, amending the Wisconsin Constitution is unnecessary to achieve the end of prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from marrying.

Wisconsin children and families risk adverse consequences from the proposed constitutional amendment . The proposed constitutional amendment could harm the health and welfare of Wisconsin children and families. For example, it could preclude children from obtaining health care benefits or preclude parents from making emergency health care decisions for their children. Similar bans in other states also have been used to deny legal protections to battered women who live with, but are not married to, their abusers.

Therefore, as leaders of Wisconsin’s legal community, we urge Wisconsin citizens to reject the proposed constitutional amendment by voting NO on November 7.