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zach_eastwood is a bot, just fyi ;-)

Posted at age 23.
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I had this account, zach_eastwood, on my Yahoo! buddies list for a long time, but I don’t remember why or if it was ever a real person. I thought I’d message.

[12:07] Charlie Gorichanaz: hi
[12:07] Zach Eastwood: hi!
[12:07] Charlie Gorichanaz: i don’t remember who you are
[12:07] Charlie Gorichanaz: are you a real person?
[12:07] Zach Eastwood: you dont even know me anymore? we used to talk a lot back in the days!
[12:08] Charlie Gorichanaz: hmm, must’ve been a while ago, we don’t have any chat history saved
[12:08] Zach Eastwood: I think Im about to lose a bet… :(
[12:08] Charlie Gorichanaz: what?
[12:08] Zach Eastwood: its about me finding 5 people who have an IQ higher than 110
[12:09] Charlie Gorichanaz: where do you live?
[12:09] Zach Eastwood: will you pleaseee take this iq test for me then?
[12:09] Charlie Gorichanaz: oh so you are a spambot
[12:09] Zach Eastwood: no?
[12:09] Charlie Gorichanaz: where do you live?
[12:09] Zach Eastwood: thank you so much!!

I googled “iqtest1098” and found another post of a similar conversation. This is a stupid bot, it seems.

[12:10] Charlie Gorichanaz: did someone just ring your doorbell?
[12:10] Zach Eastwood: BRB someone just rang my doorbell
[12:15] Charlie Gorichanaz:
are you back yet?
[12:15] Charlie Gorichanaz: hurry back, i am eager to click on more of your links!