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High school chat about homos

Posted at age 14.
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Charlie: alan
Charlie: how r u
Alan: fine, y tu
Charlie: pretty good
Charlie: im having issues
Charlie: with my girlfriend
Charlie: but im alright
Alan: what happened?
Charlie: long long story are you really interested
Alan: i enjoy long stories
Charlie: oh boy i’ve being chatting for 7 hours
Alan: ??
Alan: 7 hours?
Charlie: lol yeah
Charlie: do you know heather m
Alan: umm
Alan: i might have seen her, names not familiar
Charlie: oh okay well anyway
Charlie: i’ll type this somewhat quickly
Charlie: not too thoroughly
Charlie: her and me and Chris W and amy v went to the same school, st huberts, since
K4 pretty much
Charlie: and we’re all good friends
Charlie: anyway
Charlie: heather’s had a crush on my since like 5th grade
Charlie: and in 7th grade another kid and her become together
Charlie: and they kiss and stuff…
Charlie: this kid is my good friend too
Charlie: but they break up
Charlie: and then after a while me and heather decide we want to be together
Charlie: so thats that…
Charlie: and she is still friends
Charlie: with matthew, the other kid
Charlie: and so am i
Charlie: but anyway
Charlie: we never kissed yet or anything
Charlie: and we have been boyfriend girlfriend since like end of eighth grade
Alan: whos the person you are always standing outside the spanish room with
Charlie: and Chris W and amy v became girlfriends too
Charlie: heater
Charlie: heather
Charlie: and chris and amy
Charlie: anyway, they are together too, but they are always kssing and stuff
Charlie: it was pretty shocking when it started but they like it
Charlie: anyway me and heather always take it slower
Charlie: and we just started hold hands in the middle of the summer or around then
maybe when school started
Charlie: we went to hoemcoming together by the way
Charlie: well anyway
Charlie: lately heather had been feeling kindof sad
Charlie: she hasnt been feeling well a lot
Charlie: and she was like ignoring me a lot and not very focus
Charlie: and she told me a few times she is stressed out
Charlie: but i think i made her angry becaus ethis other kid named bill cybela
Charlie: has been
Charlie: calling me a fag and stuff
Charlie: ever since school started
Charlie: and he always makes fun of heather
Charlie: and he doesnt evne know her
Alan: is that the guy who you showed me his profile
Charlie: and he doenst know me iether
Charlie: yeah yeah him
Charlie: well anyway
Charlie: i mentioned to heather a few weeks ago what he said to me, and she saw what
he said about her
Charlie: and she got so angry
Charlie: and now she doesnt come online because she doesnt want bill to IM her
Alan: bills a funny name
Charlie: and un lets see
Charlie: i know i know
Charlie: anyway
Charlie: so yeah shes been acting different
Charlie: and today i had ccd
Charlie: so i didnt chat for 2 hours in between but i was talking
Charlie: so i did chat for 7 hors
Charlie: anyway
Charlie: i talked to her finall
Alan: ccd sucks, its so boring
Charlie: and the end result is
Charlie: she didnt want to tell me this because she didnt want to hurt me
Charlie: she needs space
Charlie: she is so stressed out about her family and friends and stuff
Alan: family? someone die
Charlie: she’s been callin herself a bitch and stuff which is why iw was so worried
Charlie: no just not getting along with her dad
Charlie: anyway
Charlie: she wants to take it slower
Alan: our ccd teacher is a weirdo
Charlie: and (i agree with this) she doesnt want to kiss for a while
Charlie: she needs some time to sort things out
Charlie: and she still wants to be together
Charlie: but not as together
Charlie: kindof
Charlie: like not quite so intimate
Charlie: so i gues thats fine as long as she is happy becuase i want whats best for her
Charlie: so yeah thats pretty much the story
Charlie: thats whats been buggin me
Alan: i see
Charlie: no comments
Alan: umm
Alan: sounds like something id see on tv
Charlie: oh thanks alan
Charlie: okay lets talk about swimming now
Alan: swimming?
Alan: why
Charlie: im in ur phy ed right
Charlie: lol
Alan: yes
Charlie: i am having problems breathing with the front crawl
Charlie: i can go under without pludding my nose, but i get water up a lot
Alan: did you take swimming lessons
Charlie: no
Alan: ive never plugged my nose
Charlie: but i can swim fine especiallyt back elementary
Charlie: okay but the front crawl
Charlie: i cant get it to work
Charlie: i am better off keeping my head in the water and going the whole way without a
Charlie: lol
Alan: i took swimming lessons though for 4-5 years and i go swimming a lot
during the summers so i am pretty good at it
Charlie: when i turn my head out of the water as i lift my right arm…
Charlie: by the time i actually take the breath…
Alan: were you tired after those 8 trips across the pool
Charlie: its already time to take another breath!
Charlie: yeah but only because i made it into a race i wasnt concentrating
Charlie: normally i could do it fine, but when i am trying to go fast it is tiring
Alan: i hit 2 ppl head on doint the stupid backstroke
Charlie: LOL
Charlie: i hit more than that
Charlie: my hand went right between clay allens butt cheeks@
Charlie: dont tell anyone that!
Alan: me and joe bender collided heads
Charlie: LOL
Alan: that hurt
Alan: then someone kicked me when i started back up again
Charlie: the allen twins are so hott
Alan: they are really good wrestlers holy cow
Charlie: but yeah i hit a lot of poeple too
Alan: eww
Charlie: and i was actually going straight
Alan: and when joe swims he makes waves around him so when doing
backstroke i cant breat cause water always flies in my face
Charlie: they are different though…
Charlie: lol i know
Charlie: anyway
Alan: he looks like hes doing the dog padle on his back
Charlie: did u watch the twins wrestle??
Alan: colt and clay?
Charlie: they lay on each other a lolt
Charlie: yeah them
Alan: they didtn
Charlie: and they just lay on each other
Charlie: they didnt what
Alan: when did they wrestle/
Charlie: during wrestling
Charlie: i didnt always watch but i saw them wrestle a lot
Alan: during skills test
Charlie: but the point is they lay on each other a lot
Charlie: i dunno about the test
Charlie: but kjust in general
Alan: well on most of th emoves you have to
Alan: and they are on the varsity wrestling team
Charlie: i mean like they stay in the posititgion for upwards of 20 seconds
Alan: i think
Charlie: junior v
Charlie: but yeah
Alan: remember the movie we saw
Alan: they did thtat kinda
Charlie: and in the locker rooms, they are right next to each other
Charlie: lol
Charlie: and
Charlie: they change…
Charlie: right by their lockers
Charlie: they take off EVERYTHING
Charlie: and then just change right in the open
Alan: i cahnge in the bathroom
Charlie: yeah i know me too
Alan: thats kinda gross changing in public though, alec said after swimming
there would be ppl just walking around in the locker rooms naked and standing talking to
Charlie: but they just get all naked….its wierd…
Charlie: LOL
Charlie: LOL
Charlie: LOL
Charlie: weird….
Charlie: anyway i wish i were better looking though…
Charlie: i need abs like the allen twins!
Charlie: once again dont tell anyone i said that
Charlie: but its true
Alan: dont worry trillian keeps chat logs
Charlie: lol
Charlie: i just save my chats
Charlie: cuz their interesting
Alan: meh, trillian does it automatically
Charlie: so what
Charlie: so does yahoo
Charlie: lol
Alan: Trillian>Msn messenger
Charlie: i smell like chlorine still
Alan: i dont
Alan: i took a shower
Charlie: i shower in the moringns
Alan: i dont like showering in the morning
Charlie: i dont either
Charlie: cuz i am always rushing to catch the buss
Alan: i used to but then i gotta wake up and take a shower, and that takes to
much effort, i usually just wake up, eat ceral, and then maybe comb my hair
Alan: i finally get a a haircut o nfriday i think
Charlie: get or got
Alan: get
Charlie: i finally got one
Charlie: lol
Alan: i hate long hair
Charlie: me too
Charlie: u seen boville????
Charlie: lol
Alan: i know
Charlie: u friends with chris rath?
Alan: yea, for a while
Alan: he says your gay haha
Charlie: ?>??????????
Charlie: r u kidding???
Alan: i asked him if he knew you and he said yeah charlies gay
Charlie: u;ve been friends for a while or u were friends but arent
Charlie: no im not!
Charlie: what gets into peoples heads
Charlie: jeez
Alan: lol
Charlie: i know his cousin vance
Charlie: vance went to my old school
Charlie: tell chris im not gay
Charlie: please
Charlie: but dont tell him i told u
Charlie: and tell jacob that too
Charlie: lo
Charlie: lol
Alan: lol
Charlie: do u know anyone who admits they are gay>?
Alan: no
Charlie: me neither
Charlie: but they say 1 in 10 right?
Charlie: ewwww
Alan: really?!?
Alan: thats nasty
Alan: theres this guy on my bus named david, im almost positive hes gay
Charlie: yeah 10% gay, 85 or something straight
Charlie: devid who
Alan: i dunno his last name
Charlie: freshmen?
Alan: soph
Charlie: lol
Alan: his voice sounds like hes gay
Alan: he has no guy friends
Charlie: that guy who was watching us wrestling…
Charlie: EEEEWWW
Alan: he shares notebooks with girls
Alan: no
Charlie: he would always watch me
Charlie: lol
Alan: hes in my math class now
Charlie: well just because u have a lot of friends who are girls doesnt make u gay
Alan: hes liek “yeah, my mom thinks i have issues”
Charlie: lol
Charlie: do u know kevin nakielski
Alan: yeah the one you were talking to at lunch
Alan: hes gay
Charlie: NO he isnt
Alan: yes he is
Charlie: trust me he is not gay
Charlie: hes like a really good friend of mine i know
Alan: from what i hear that occurrs in global with him hes gay
Charlie: whathave you heard about him?
Charlie: he has a serious girlfriend u know too
Alan: not so much lately
Charlie: her and him and me are all good friends
Alan: i heard he would always try and sit by boys in class or something
Charlie: hes not gay trust me…people just say he is because he has a lot of girls that are
Charlie: no hes not like that
Charlie: hes really friendly though
Charlie: but he aint queer
Charlie wants to directly connect.
Alan: what were you and chris doing in class today
Alan: chris was like poking you
Charlie: what do u mean?
Charlie: oh i dont know
Charlie: sometimes he has to take a break from amy
Charlie: lol
Charlie: LOL
Alan: it looked wrong
Charlie: I KNOW!
Charlie: im not the one who did it
Alan is now directly connected.
Charlie: hes kinda perverted sometimes
Alan: what do you want to show me?
Charlie: im at adads so slow internet
Charlie: hold on
Alan: hes gonna get warcraft3 he said
Charlie: l9ol
Charlie: lol
Alan: umm
Charlie: do u know who they are?
Charlie: kevin and his girlfriend
Charlie: no comment?
Charlie: alllllllllllaaaaaaannnnnn
Alan: lol look at this
Alan: you ever shoot a spitball gun?
Charlie: a spitball gun?
Alan: err just spitballs
Charlie: i shot spitballs from a straw…
Charlie: lol
Alan: well me and a friend always did that on the bus last year
Alan: well he moved and i made this for him, the person in the last picture is my
little brother if your wonderin
Alan: haha
Charlie: lol
Charlie: hey he looks just like you!!!!
Alan: the toothpick actually sticks in
Alan: no he doenst
Charlie: how old is he
Alan: my brothers a retard
Charlie: lol
Alan: like 11
Charlie: MY brothers are retards
Charlie: oh wow he looks little
Alan: he is
Charlie: i was gonna say cutie but 11 is a lil old for that…
Charlie: lol
Alan: its gonna be funny when he starts hunters safety
Alan: i wanna see him try and shoot my dads shotgun
Charlie: i never went to hunters safety
Charlie: lol
Alan: i like huntin
Alan: g
Charlie: i like fishing
Charlie: lol
Alan: i go fishing a lot in the summer
Charlie: i hunt with a pellet gun
Charlie: lol i suck at fishing though
Charlie: i love itbut i suck
Alan: im good at both
Charlie: whats the biggest fish u ever caught?
Alan: the chipmunks within a mile of my house are extinct i think
Alan: my dad and i dont usually go for big fish
Charlie: i havent gone fishing except a few times in the last 5 yers, so keep that in mind
Charlie: but the biggest i caught
Alan: mostly for bluegill/perch/trout
Charlie: was a 15” saugger
Charlie: or something
Alan: saugger??
Charlie: which is illegal to keep
Alan: sucker?
Charlie: but we did
Charlie: no it sounds like saugger
Alan: stuergen?
Charlie: i dunno what is spelled
Charlie: no
Charlie: no
Charlie: it was on winnebago
Alan: walleye
Alan: lake trout
Charlie: saugger
Alan: ohhhhh was it a type of bass?
Charlie: no
Charlie: i dont think
Charlie: not a lrgmouth or small or rock
Charlie: hey do u think im gay alan
Charlie: honestly
Charlie: and then why
Charlie: because i dont get chris if he thinnnks that
Alan: oohhh sauger
Alan: did it look like that
Charlie: yep
Charlie: answer me
Charlie: i want to go to bed early today
Charlie: tell me if u think im gay and why
Charlie: pleaseeeeeee
Charlie: ALAN!!!!
Charlie: talk to me
Charlie: you are gay alan
Charlie: you want it up the ass
Charlie: dont u
Alan: srry, i was brushing my teeth
Alan: im gonna go to bed soon
Charlie: answer my qeystin
Alan: what?
Charlie: answer my question
Alan: whats your quesition?
Charlie: do u think im gay
Charlie: and why
Charlie: why would someone think im gay
Alan: i dunno
Alan: well one could jump to conlcusions by seeing you in spanish class
Charlie: disregard what chris does to me
Charlie: hes odd sometimes but hes coiol
Alan: i dunno maybe cause they cant think of anything else to pick on you by
Charlie: i knew him since preK
Charlie: so thats why we’re “close”
Alan: that might be someting jacob would do
Charlie: do u have n e thing against gay people
Alan: i think they are weirdos
Charlie: ok
Charlie: justg wondeinr
Charlie: g
Charlie: wondeirng
Charlie: wondering
Charlie: lol
Alan: lol even the bus driver picks on they gay guy on the bus
Charlie: aww thats mean
Charlie: ok well im gonna go
Charlie: u should too
Alan: aww its hilarious
Alan: i am
Charlie: see ya later alan
Alan: i gotta finish homework
Alan: cya
Charlie: i didnt start
Charlie: i’ll do it during global
Charlie: lol
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