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New apartment, already a farewell

Posted at age 28.

After returning January 4 from visiting family in Milwaukee for Christmas, I moved to a new apartment to live with my friend Yida and two others. The first months have flown by, and already one roommate moved out to return to Taiwan. I figured it is about time I post a few photos, though of course improving everything is an eternal process.


Proper lighting makes a house a home! Or something!

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Unpacking Burning Man 2016

Posted at age 28.

Another year passed too quickly, leaving behind good intentions and hopes and dreams. I am starting to understand all I can reasonably hope for in a year is a slightly greater fraction of my hopes will be realized. But I know one day this hope too will fail me. I hope in the meantime I can build the strength and wisdom to weather the storm.


Saturday Sunset

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Goodbye Tyler, 601am

Posted at age 27.

After returning from Denver, I worked like a mad man, racking up 85 hours within a week in an attempt to launch a poorly managed project. That ended up being my last week working for 601am, finally allowing me to start the next chapter of my life.


Getting my first 401k set up involved overcoming obstacles ranging from bugs in the deposit system to misreported social security numbers. It's ironic I left that job a couple of weeks after receiving this apology card.

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Being myself

Posted at age 27.

As I neared my home, I spotted another man on the sidewalk ahead. There were no street lights nearby, but I could tell he was middle aged and substantial. The fear crept back, but this time it wasn't a safety fear, but rather a social fear. It was just the two of us. I was determined in my pace, but I also felt drawn to the man's eyes as I approached.


A moment at Burning Man

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Beauty and lies of Foxconn suicides

Posted at age 26.

Tim shared with me a post from the blog Nao, which comments on the conflict between China’s working class and the state. The post offers English translations of some of Foxconn laborer Xu Lizhi’s poetry and of his obituary in Shenzhen Evening News. That’s right, Xu is dead, having survived 24 years before taking his life. He followed in the steps of many others, and certainly won’t be the last to do so.

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The journey to Burning Man

Posted at age 25.

In early February, I decided to buy some tickets for that impossible to fully describe event called Burning Man. Despite prevaling wisdom, I actually think I had a pretty good idea what I was in for. I knew it is a city that rises on an ancient lakebed within a week and then in even less time diseappears entirely. I knew it is about acceptance and free expression. I knew it is not for the feeble.

What I did not know was how being freer than I ever have been would change me. Realizations, new experiences, new friends. It was undoubtedly the most awesome adventure of my life, even though I know I barely scratched the surface my first year. You really do need to experience it, though hopefully writing about it can help me better live it every day.


It was a pain to get the bike rack mounted on this vehicle, since the back was mostly plastic lined and I had to work hard to find secure mount points.

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How I came out to my parents

Posted at age 15.

Once again, I apologize deeply for the lack of journal-writing that has been becoming a habit of mine.

The past two weeks have been amazing, and I really wish I had been writing in this more often. This week is my coming out week. The following is a letter that …

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