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Denver trip, first time skiing

Posted at age 27.
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Thursday I flew to Denver for a quick company outing. I arrived late and ordered takeout, did one day at the office Friday and went skiing for the first time Saturday. It was a rush! And Yizhen went with me!

Heading to Denver wasn’t eventful, so I occupied myself with food and spying on boys.


Got this sandwich in the airport, but it was pretty good! I'll have to experiment with warm turkey at home.


I snuck some photos of this nice looking dude while waiting for my flight from SFO to Denver.


I snuck some photos of this nice looking dude while waiting for my flight from SFO to Denver.

If I were more adventurous, I would have eaten at some local restaurant when I arrived. There wasn’t much going on at the hotel, and it was unclear if they were serving food, so I just ordered something from a place called Spicy Basil on, which I use in San Francisco sometimes and is apparently connected with GrubHub.


My room at the Aloft Denver Downtown hotel


I ordered takeout from Spicy Basil


I didn't know what this part of my chicken was, so I took a photo to send to Yizhen. I think he didn't know, either.

Friday involved some meetings which were partly canceled so we could focus on work for a client’s project that we were trying to launch but having many unexpected problems. We had a company dinner and then went to Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square. It was my second or third time at a comedy club, the other times being in Madison. The guys were pretty funny, though it seemed Denver is a bit more country like than where I grew up or live now!


Company dinner at The Kitchen Next Door in Denver


Company dinner at The Kitchen Next Door in Denver


Company dinner at The Kitchen Next Door in Denver


Company dinner at The Kitchen Next Door in Denver


Company outing at Denver's Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square

After the comedy club, Yizhen and I were tired and went back to the hotel to sleep.


Attempting to reheat my leftover dumplings using hot water in a cup.

Saturday was the big day! We ate breakfast at the hotel, and then embarked on our journey to first pick up clothes from Mike and then drive to Winter Park Resort for skiing.


Aloft Denver Downtown Hotel


Breakfast at the Aloft Denver Downtown Hotel


We used Google Maps to navigate to Winter Park Resort, of course.


Driving to Winter Park, Colorado, from Denver.


Bundled as much as possible in Mike's coat abd snowpants and whatever else I could find

We got off to a great start when I couldn’t even get my skis on. It turned out I needed a different size, but that didn’t inspire confidence something else wouldn’t go wrong in a more dangerous situation.

Failing to put skis on


Winter Park Resort, Colorado

I spent the first couple of hours on the bunny hill trying to get a feel for the skis and for stopping. I was not at all confident when I finally decided I should just try an easy slope. We asked for the easiest one and were on our way!

The ski lift wasn’t so bad, so I felt a little better.

Riding the Gemini Express ski lift at Winter Park Resort

My first try down the hill was super scary. I could barely stop and I couldn’t believe that was the easiest slope.


Winter Park Resort, Colorado


Winter Park Resort, Colorado

After eating, we managed to get one more run down the slope before the park somewhat abruptly closed. Apparently the hills were too icy and it was going to get work as the sun sunk in the sky. Perhaps that’s why I had so much trouble stopping, but I guess I can’t be sure till I try again!


First time skiing! Took a dozen runs on the bunny hill before trying a green. Have not mastered stopping yet. Fell four times on green try, once on second... But almost died! Was just starting to get a bit more comfortable when the park closed, so I guess I’ll have to come back!


After returning from skiing, we had dinner in Denver at Domo Japanese Country Foods Restaurant


And we had a healthy breakfast in the executive club room or whatever this hotel calls their place for people with money. We were here on Aaron's extra pass.