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Better conversation

Posted at age 28.

While eating my tostada salad from The Little Chihuahua, I watched Celeste Headlee’s TED talk “10 ways to have a better conversation”. Following are the ten points and some notes and thoughts.

[youtube R1vskiVDwl4]

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Pico Iyer: The art of stillness

Posted at age 26.

This talk was fascinating, and made me think (more!) about my job situation and what I want to do with my life. While Iyer promotes going nowhere, this talk (and his other, “Where is home?“) actually made me think more about whether I want to spend more time living in other countries.

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Hackers & Painters’ by Paul Graham

Posted at age 23.

While I was searching for electronic formats of my printed books, I stumbled on the book “Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age” by Paul Graham, published by O’Reilly and copyright 2004. I started reading it on a whim and basically got sucked in, reading on the plane and in between things for the past two days. About 250 pages later, I’m antsy to program and move to San Francisco more than ever! But first I’ll take a minute to recall the parts of the book I most want to remember before I don’t.

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Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers

Posted at age 23.

Mom lent me the book "Anything You Want" a few months ago, and I finally lay down to read it. Overall I liked it a lot. It's in line with my recent endeavors to reduce my belongings and simplify things. I own way more crap than I should, and motivated by my impending transplant across the country, I've been finding it quite rewarding to get rid of stuff.


About 110 books and 50 DVDs, rendered unnecessary after digitization. Awesome!

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