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Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers

Posted at age 23.
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Mom lent me the book “Anything You Want” a few months ago, and I finally lay down to read it. Overall I liked it a lot. It’s in line with my recent endeavors to reduce my belongings and simplify things. I own way more crap than I should, and motivated by my impending transplant across the country, I’ve been finding it quite rewarding to get rid of stuff.


About 110 books and 50 DVDs, rendered unnecessary after digitization. Awesome!

Book notes:

  • improve or invent till you get that huge response
  • if you’re not saying “hell yeah,” say “no”
  • Richard Branson started Virgin Airlines by leasing a small plane and splitting costs with people on canceled flight
  • in a perfect world, would your website be covered with advertising?

Basically, just decide what will make you happy and never lose sight of that. It’s not always bigger, more money. Sometimes it’s smaller, sometimes it’s just helping the customer. Don’t get caught up with what people expect of you. Do what makes you happy.