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August 2013 Archives

Visiting Keith and the Central Cascades

Posted at age 25.

This past weekend I redeemed my United frequent flier miles for a $5 round trip flight to Seattle to visit Keith and go camping. It was a blast!

The actual flight was suboptimal, as I had to take a 6 a.m. flight Friday morning. It was the only option in the “Super Saver” category for which my miles qualified, though, so I had to make due. It ended up sort of working out because I had a lot of work to do the night before, and I stayed up all night doing it. At the airport. Because BART only runs till 1:30, and doesn’t start again till around 5 a.m.


The lower Tank Lake, and we are home!

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I hate USPS and FedEx

Posted at age 25.

I order a ton of stuff via Amazon’s "1-Click" ordering, and unfortunately Amazon does not give you the option to choose a specific courier for the shipment. If they did, I would ban USPS and FedEx from ever handling my shipments.


I never receive packages shipped via FedEx or USPS, and always receive UPS and Ontrac packages on the first attempt. How is it that the doorbell never works for two couriers? Or perhaps they don’t even bother ringing me.

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Creating a CSV export Movable Type template

Posted at age 25.

Movable Type is an incredibly flexible publishing system that makes it trivial to create output files of any text file format. One common request is to create a Microsoft Excel compatible CSV (comma separated values) spreadsheet of various data from a content management system.

A basic CSV file might look like this:

Name, Birth Date, Death Date
Britney Spears, 1981-12-02,
Albert Einstein, 1879-03-14, 1955-04-18
Justin Bieber, 1994-03-01,
Betty White, 1922-01-17,
George Washington, 1732-02-22, 1799-12-14

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