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Ruffie: Month 4

Posted at age 35.
Edited .

We basically stopped our training sessions over the past two months. We were already less regimented after the Wisconsin road trip in July, and then August quickly became all about poor Remi. After he passed away, I couldn’t bring myself to resume training Ruffie right away. He’s well behaved enough as it is, but I do intend to start back up soon. I’ll probably start from the top and do a review of everything. That said, some progress notes:

Running and hiking

I’ve done only two or three more hikes and one run with Ruffie in the last two months. For the last 3 mile run, it was not very hot out, but still Ruffie seemed pretty tired afterward. And a few weeks ago during our Deafy Glade hike, Ruffie appeared completely exhausted after about 4 miles of hiking through thick forest. I know we have not been consistent, but I continue to be surprised at what seems like his lack of endurance. I’m trying to temper my expectations that he’ll ever casually accompany me on 10+ mile runs.


We’re now mostly comfortable with Ruffie being loose in the house with the cats, but I still wouldn’t leave them totally alone for a long period. Ruffie mostly leaves Kiko alone, but still sometimes chases Nori. None of the cats seem scared of him though, and there haven’t been any injuries either way yet.


Ruffie met Cremini and Ara, the neighbor’s dogs, as well as Vera, recently. He got along fine with everyone.