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October 2012 Archives

The Trouble With Islam Today’ by Irshad Manji

Posted at age 24.

I didn’t finish this book, but I started these notes:

Book notes:

ijtihad, Islam’s tradition of independent reasoning, requires being familiar with Islam’s latest thinkers

The Prophet Mohammad reportedly said religion is the way we conduct ourselves toward others. There’s a distinction between Islam as an …

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Picasa Express 1.0 for Movable Type released

Posted at age 24.

Today marks my first Movable Type plugin release! I've been working on this on and off for almost a year, so I'm very happy to finally have finished it.

This all started early 2011 when I needed to get my photo blogging workflow nailed down for my impending trip to Buenos Aires. I reluctantly decided to port my Movable Type installation over to Wordpress since there were many more plugins available. Particularly, there was a plugin that made it super easy for me to post photos hosted on Picasa Web Albums, which I was already using. I got a basic WP install up, moved all my content from my MT system, and that was that.


Picasa Express 1.0 settings screen

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