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blog image workflow

Posted at age 35.

As a bridge between my bare bones Pelican install and whenever I figure out my full photography workflow, here’s my current hacky approach to getting images on my blog quickly:

  1. Tag photos in Digikam with @blog tag, add captions to the “Caption” field in the Captions editor.
  2. Go to …

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Midtown Richardson Hotel

Posted at age 31.

I tried to post this review on the site where I booked this hotel, Agoda, but the character limit on their form meant not even half of this would fit. So here’s what I meant to post in full.

If the hotel properly advertised there is no Internet service, then it would have been a reasonable place to stay (though I would not have stayed, as I needed to do some work from the hotel during this rainy week).

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Septi Teodorescu of gives me bloody lip, again

Posted at age 23.

Have you had the displeasure of meeting Septimiu Teodorescu, yet? I had that wonderful opportunity yet again this past Saturday night in Chicago.


Morning after being punched in the face on the streets of Chicago by Septimiu (Septi) Teodorescu, owner of Septi Fitness on the Wisconsin Capitol Square. He did not like how I publicized the last time he punched me, after which I called the police. Oh, and he is about 44 and extremely muscular. Hmm.

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