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Septi Teodorescu of gives me bloody lip, again

Posted at age 23.
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Have you had the displeasure of meeting Septimiu Teodorescu, yet? I had that wonderful opportunity yet again this past Saturday night in Chicago.


But first, a bit of background: Tuesday, August 26, 2008, was just another underage night at Club 5 until I was punched in the head on the dance floor. (What?!) The aggressor was Septimiu Teodorescu, owner of Septi Fitness, located at 10 S. Carroll St., Madison, Wisconsin.

I don’t remember now exactly what Septi said to me, but it was something along the lines of, “Why were you talking shit about me?” I tried to tell him I had no idea what he was talking about, but he punched me yet again, and I pushed him away and immediately called the police. Septi fled the scene, and once the police arrived, he was nowhere to be found, so they couldn’t do anything but take my statement.

I later found out more from my boyfriend at the time, Eric, via his chatting with Septi on the gay cruising site Apparently Septi was upset because of something I said that night at the club to a boy (Justin?) who was about my age (20).


Excerpted transcript:

Septi Teodorescu: “This time I knew exactly who said what to whom becosue [sic] I saw it. … So all I did I went up to him (me) and ask him what’s his problem and he was acting all innocent… the alligations [sic] he brought after that were all a lie and he lied before, becouse [sic] I only shaked him up… not really “punched” him… becouse [sic] trust me if I were to punching he would still be in coma or hospital.”

Eric: “Why on earth would you think he was talking about you, he doesn’t even know you or your name! … You had no right to get physical with him, whether it was a punch of just “shaking him up.” It was uncalled for and you went too far, period.”

Septi Teodorescu: “First of all I am not going to appologize [sic] to him… If you think I just did that beocouse [sic] i didnt’ [sic] have anything else to do then you must be crazy.”

Eric:He [asked Justin if he was OK] because he thought this boy was being hit on by a random club 5 “old guy” when Justin didn’t want it. … That sort of general scenario happens all the time.”

Septi Teodorescu: “ok I admit the fact that Justin didn’t give me the whole exact conversation… Now that I get Charlie’s part of the story… I can see where I over reacted, but to call a tabbing a punch thats a little over rated. For as angry as I was at the time… I tired [sic] really hard not to hurt him and put my power at try. (?) … I will think about the whole situation and take a decission [sic] on rather to appologize [sic] or not. … I hope this will all end in piece [sic] and not become enamies [sic].”

Part 1 of 3


Part 2 of 3


Part 3 of 3

Then about a year later Septi Teodorescu messaged me on gay hookup website and quickly got to threats of physical assault. His profile stated he is 26 years old, but I knew from previous public record searches he is older than 40 years. My profile explicitly stated I was looking to get to know people my age.

Septi Teodorescu: “nice pic and stats. Hit me up if you wanna chat sometimes.”

Charlie Gorichanaz: “I don’t “chat” with people over 40.”

Septi Teodorescu: “I am over 40? lol you’re so stupid.  I dont’ [sic] need to prove you that. I made you a compliment but you’re to [sic] dumb to accept one.  If I see you in the street I’ll spit in your face and punch you in the nose until you bleed to show you some respect you little faggot.  You live close to me I’ll catch you

Septi Teodorescu on gay hookup website threatening to physically assault me

Fast forward to this Saturday night. I was in Chicago for their pride celebration and was walking on the sidewalk with some friends. Migrating in the opposing direction was a group of people that included some more friends. Our two groups stopped to mingle a bit, and after a while I noticed Septi Teodorescu among them. I think he saw me see him, and right away I signaled to my friends I wanted to keep moving. I knew Septi has shown himself to be quite unstable in the past and did not want to give him a chance to get physical.

But Septi will get physical no matter what, clearly. He seemed to dislike that I was trying to avert a physical assault, for he started yelling at me and walking toward me. I couldn’t clearly understand what he yelled; it seemed unintelligible. Perhaps he was really drunk. Perhaps he had done too many steroids. I don’t know what his problem was, but it sounded like he was blabbing about me posting things on the Internet about him. I realized he was probably talking about an old blog post about the first time he punched me. Someone (Septi, I would guess) tried to get this blog post removed by filing a complaint with my host, RimuHosting.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to put up with his ranting, so I gave him the finger and proceeded to walk away. But I guess in Septimiu Teodorescu’s world, getting the finger is incitement that justifies physical assault. He punched me again in the lip. I borrowed Tom’s phone to call the police (and 43 year old Septi ran away, again), but they were of course too busy to deal with the situation. So the night went on, and we all had a great time.


Morning after being punched in the face on the streets of Chicago by Septimiu (Septi) Teodorescu, owner of Septi Fitness on the Wisconsin Capitol Square. He did not like how I publicized the last time he punched me, after which I called the police. Oh, and he is about 44 and extremely muscular. Hmm.


Morning after being punched in the face on the streets of Chicago by Septimiu (Septi) Teodorescu, owner of Septi Fitness on the Wisconsin Capitol Square. He did not like how I publicized the last time he punched me, after which I called the police. Oh, and he is about 44 and extremely muscular. Hmm.

Update 15 July 2011: Well, it’s time to put an end to Septi’s claims on Manhunt that he is 26 years old. He’s been 26 years old for years, according to his profile… but a little public record digging revealed Septimiu Teodorescu lies about his age by about 20 years! He was reportedly born June 21, 1968. That means 40-something Septi Teodorescu decided he needed to get physical with a 20 year old boy, based solely on accusations at the club where most people are inebriated.

Septimiu Teodorescu  US Identify - Mozilla Firefox 7222011 32104 PM.jpg

Public records search for Septimiu (Septi) Teodorescu, the guy who is 20 years older than me and punched me in the face

It also appears Septi Teodorescu has a history of making threats of physical harassment and aggression to other boys 20 years younger than him. See the last comment in the next photograph.


Facebook comments after I posted a photo of my lip the morning after being punched by Septi Teodorescu