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My tongue

Posted at age 28.

I have a new inflamed tastebud, but thankfully the one I got yesterday is mostly better now. I haven’t had any for a while (weeks? months?), but I do remember having three at once sometime this year. I had been getting them somewhat frequently, but they did definitely heal, so I was at least pretty sure it was due to something I did periodically, not every day. Is it spicy food? I’m not sure, but that’s what I tell myself.

My mouth hasn’t had a period of stability recently, so it’s hard to determine if anything is ever wrong. The tooth whitening gels I sometimes try can often leave my teeth and gums hurting a day or two later. I go through phases of eating lots of yogurt, or drinking lots of kombucha, and probably more. I try to clean my tongue every time I brush, which sometimes requires no effort at all, and other times requires more serious scraping with the rubber tongue scraper. In the past I’ve suspected bacterial infection played a role in my tongue suddenly requiring more effort, but perhaps it’s nothing sinister. I should probably have a look under the microscope now that I’ve bought one.

Now, I’ve just returned from a long discussion with a friend, and need to wrap this up. That’s all for now.

And again.