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Scorecard: year 1, week 3

Posted at age 27.
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The third week of my first 12 week year is over, and I scored 78.4%. This is 20.3% higher than last week‘s 58.1%.

Overall I’m still failing to get into solid routines, but I at least am increasing the hours spent on my planned tasks. I’m starting to write down a running log of my activities for time tracking purposes, but probably should build that into the automated scoring. I’ll wait till the end of this 12 weeks to decide what to do about that.

I’ve thought about scheduling the specific activities on the calendar, instead of the larger blocks I have right now. I think the lack of specificity is making it easier for me to tackle whatever I want at a given time instead of sticking to a schedule, which cheats me of benefits of building routines.

Part of the challenge is my evolving idea of what I should be focusing on. After having a job interview and losing money in the stock market, money I was planning to live on for the next few months, I’m leaning toward focusing more on programming and less on basic science, since it seems likely my next job will still be a programming job. Lots to think about!

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