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Scorecard: year 1, week 2

Posted at age 27.
Edited .

The second week of my first 12 week year is over, and I scored 58.1%. This is 5.9% lower than last week‘s 64.0%.

The main factors in the lower score were my self imposed oversleeping penalty of 7.8% (calculated based on Fitbit reported waking times) and a surprise sort of job interview I had Thursday, the day I also picked up Vera to watch till Wednesday. The most neglected task this week was again my chemistry studies.

The sleeping schedule problem is key, I think. Waking up late shifts my schedule, disrupts routine formation and reduces the number of hours of work I can do during daylight, after which a mental “day is almost over” flag raises, which depresses further motivation. Or maybe that’s all BS I imagined to justify my failure. Either way, I’m going to focus on getting to bed by one or two so I can get seven hours of sleep before starting at nine. Ideally earlier, but who am I kidding?

I also wasn’t as disciplined about updating my calendar as changes occurred, but this is roughly how it went.

My modified calendar after the second 12 week year

My modified calendar after the second 12 week year

On the up side, I’ve managed to do more BrainHQ exercises this week (2.75 hours versus last week’s 1.0) and also Khan Academy, for 6.5 hours.

I’ll refrain from further comment for now, in hopes I make a marked improvement next week and can think more clearly.

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