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Google seems to have killed Google Voice history?

Posted at age 26.
Edited .

I received a text via the Google Voice app on my Android phone. It was from my brother Ricky asking for math help. I promptly navigated to as usual to load the web interface and respond easier via the computer. Only I was redirected to


After recently reading articles such as Google Voice gets MMS support, hinting at a future merger with Hangouts, it seemed like things were getting better for Google Voice, but now I see they have apparently done away with the old interface. The only reason I opted not to migrate my Google Voice texting to Hangouts was because Google did not provide a facility to migrate the text history. But now I can’t even access it.

Update: I found out this was apparently somehow tied to one of my Google sessions, for I got back into the interface after repeated logging out and back in. Phew! Perhaps Google needs to make a more useful help page if they are going to automatically redirect people trying to access their text history.