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The shit that somewhat ceased to stink

Posted at age 18.
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Rollercoaster of love, Say what, Rollercoaster yeah (oohh oohh oohh), Oh baby you know what Im talking about, Rollercoaster of love, Oh yeah its rollercoaster time, Lovin you is really wild, Oh its just a love rollercoaster, Step right up and get your tickets-Love Rollercoaster by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Well, it’s Sunday! I just got back from getting groceries and going to lunch with my mother and my five youngest siblings - but that’s not what I want to talk about. Last night Justin V invited me to dinner. We went to Wasabi on State St., and it was officially my first time having Japanese cuisine. I think I had something called…, um, nevermind, I forgot. Anyway, it was shrimp, vegetables and rice, with a side of Me-something soup. Interesting spoons are used in such places, too. I spilled a bit… After that, we were about to go to the Badger Herald party at Taylor H’s apartment, but we first visited Justin’s friend Lauren’s party upon receiving her phone call. That was interesting - I saw a few of her friends, including Chong L and her boyfriend Matt U…

Alright, so we then went to Taylor’s. What can I say? Flip-cup and TETRIS! Taylor has a fricken Nintendo! I am probably going to end up buying one on E-bay soon… that was very fascinating. One of Taylor’s friends who doesn’t work at the Herald was there, and he achieved a score of above 80,000 points! That was amazing. Ryan Swan does not possess the gene that causes one to be attracted to members of the same gender. (This followed a discussion with Ryan S, Christina E, and Alex L of fly genetics and sexual orientation) After a few hours, Justin and I left for his house, where Jon was previously hosting a board game candy party or something. I was supposed to go, but the whole Dion thing made me choose not to, even if I had nothing else to do that night. Anyway, everyone was gone when we got there, except Justin P, Kara K, and Jon B of course! We didn’t do much there, except eat our Asian Kitchen food. I then went to Dion’s dorm in Witte with Justin.

Dion came out to open the door, although we already had followed some people inside anyway, and then we all went up to his room. We talked about random stuff, including iPods. Dion wishes he had noticed the red iPod. He has a blue Nano… it’s nice, but he wanted red. Anyway, after 30 minutes or an hour of small-talk, Justin decided to moderate a constructive discussion between Dion and I. That was quite interesting, and helpful as well. Thank you Justin V. Dion and I talked a bit after Justin left, and I ended up spending the night. It was 4:30 a.m. by this time, and Dion said he had to get up early, so I figured I should stay so that I’d wake up early too.

Oh, Dion’s phone didn’t wake us up. Oops.

One more thing - earlier (at Taylor’s), Justin mentioned that Taylor had asked how I was doing, because apparently Taylor found out that a page on my server linked to his blog, but not through the trackback system. Funny! Gotta love computer-savvy people. Oh, and speaking of Taylor’s website, Taylor made a cool illustration for the Badger Herald article Where da ‘hood at? It’s pretty nifty, so check it out.

In conclusion: my life is crazy and relationships insane, but that’s better than living one in which everything’s plain.