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Roommates + bois = trouble

Posted at age 18.
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This week has been pretty nuts.

An online friend, Travis Bjorklund, messaged me two weeks ago stating that his parents were going to charge him rent, so he was either going to move to Madison or back to Florida. I told him that he was welcome to come live with me if he paid half my rent, etc. I wasn’t sure how serious he was about moving here…. but sure enough, a day or two later, he showed up. He didn’t bring very much: a computer, a box or two of stuff, and some clothes.

The first few days were kind of weird - he didn’t talk very much, and it was a little awkward. I don’t remember exactly the order of events, for I didn’t write them down, but I should have. Oh well. Anyway, I will begin to get more into the end result:

My friend Dion W, whom I have been spending a bit of time with lately (I like him a bit), met Travis when I introduced them to each other at my house. I don’t remember why Dion was over, but it’s not important. Basically, Dion and Travis got along pretty well. I know this because a day or two later, Travis was incessantly messaging Dion on AIM and on his phone. It seemed that whenever Travis was talking to anybody, it was Dion for the most part.

That made me very jealous. I wasn’t anticipating Travis to move here and steal my friends, or at least the one I care about a bit more than others! I really hoped he’d kind of go out with his friends (he can use MySpace or Facebook just as well as I can… and he said he knows people in Madison) and stuff - not hang out with my friend and make everything awkward. Furthermore, whenever Travis, Dion and I are in a room together, it seems as if I can’t say or do anything without being accused of being an asshole. Granted I am cynical and sarcastic quite often, I really did not do anything to warrant the label of asshole. Dion would always defend Travis, and both of them would attack me. I hated it, so I decided to back away from Dion.

I did that for two reasons: I hated being an instigator of problems between the three of us, and I also did not want to allow myself to fall for Dion any more than I already was. The more I liked Dion, the more I would hate how he and Travis got along so well. This tendency of mine was complicated by Travis’s severe lack of credibility in my eyes, as well as his hate and rudeness toward me.

A quick note on Travis’s severe lack of credibility: Travis has a strange history of running a Culver’s, being CEO of some successful computer business, having a rich girlfriend who gave him two luxury sport cars (which have subsequently disappeared and for all I know never existed), and lastly working in Florida as a kitchen manager and also a sales and marketing scheme (see entry “Savanh Marketing Systems”) where he was apparently making $100K+ per year. All of that contributes to Travis’s sketchy image. Also, within a day of moving here, he apparently went out and “got” several jobs, including kitchen manager at some restaurant and an IT position at some company, where he’d make $50K per year. More than a week later, I still have no idea when he might start working.

A quick note on Travis’s manners: Considering the fact that I am letting him split an apartment with me, and also considering he has yet to come up with any money, one would think Travis would be very considerate and grateful toward me. No such luck - he often looks at me as if I were an ass. He gets very angry whenever I inquire anything about his job search or anything similar. He gets water all over the floor of the bathroom, and uses my towels (this may be unfair, but there was at least one instance of my towel being wet and his dry immediately after his shower).

Anyway, back to the issue at hand… I have avoided contact with Dion for most of the last week. He messaged me a bunch of times saying that we should talk over dinner. That idea followed my explaining to Dion why I was jealous of him and Travis. I therefore felt that I should not go to dinner with Dion because he was probably offering it either out of pity for me, as a consolation prize because I placed second and Travis placed first, or something else due to my “complaining.” I either didn’t respond to Dion’s messages or was not cooperative. He wanted to go to dinner on Friday. I told him I’d rather spend time with my friends, whom I have been neglecting. I did not know at the time that I had a Badger Herald football game to go to that night - so I didn’t go to dinner with him in any case.



Sunday I was not very productive again, until I met some friends from class at 7 p.m. at College Library to study for an exam. After that, I got a message from Dion saying to go upstairs and meet him. I thought he wanted to talk about stuff, but when I got up there, he was with Kara K, Jon B and maybe somebody else. So, I basically just left after saying hi.

Then later last night, Dion messaged me again saying we need to talk - I messaged him on aim briefly as well as on the phone. Summary: I re-explained why I can’t spend time with him, and he told me how we need to talk. I said he could meet me by Badger Herald because I had to go there at midnight and make a copy of an article. He asked if I’d go to his dorm. I told him if he really wanted to talk he could meet me at Badger Herald or come to my apartment… so we didn’t talk. Later I told him we could talk in a week because it will be a very busy week. He got frustrated, partly because he wants me to go to the Ten Percent Society dance on Friday. I told him to take Travis, but he said no… anyway, I told him not to message me, please. He messaged me on the phone, AIM, and on Facebook since then.

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