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As the burdens lift…

Posted at age 18.
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Well, this week is finally over, almost. I have a chemistry assignment that was due at 5 p.m., but I didn’t finish it - so I’m going to work on it after this and hopefully turn it in this morning. This weekend I have to study for math and Spanish, and that should be about it. Whew!

So, this whole not talking to Dion thing… I don’t think it’s been long enough for me to decide anything about how I feel. I was hoping to have arrived at some conclusions after a week - but no such luck. Oh well, life moves on, Travis Bjorklund and his good friend Chris Schroeder seem to be doing very well together, and I’ve heard nothing from anybody about Dion W, so my lack of existing hasn’t affected anybody it seems - which is good I think. I hate to be the agitator between Dion and Travis, even though we were fine a month ago… I still think it’s not my right to mess up Dion and Travis’s relationship - so as far as I’m concerned, my withdrawal from them is fine. I haven’t exactly met a bunch of new people yet, but soon enough I’m sure.

Oh - the Madhatters concert I was going to go to with Travis and Dion: I told Dion to find someone else… well, Chris Schroeder should go! Travis wouldn’t want to go somewhere with Dion and me on a night when Chris is within 100 miles anyway, so if they all went without me, everyone would be happy, right?

One last note - Justin P and Jon B both mentioned to me that there will probably be some sort of a game night at Jon’s house this weekend… only I am not going to go… it’d be too awkward and uncomfortable (seeing Dion) - but I didn’t tell Jon that. I did tell Justin P and also Justin V though…

So yeah, all’s well - still behind in Math 275, but that’s to be expected I think!