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Posted at age 13.
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September 11, 2001

To: Charlie N. Gorichanaz of May 2001

Dear Charlie,

What you are reading are the words of a good friend of mine. Maybe you do not remember him, for he’s grown a great deal since he has written this letter, mentally, physically, and spiritually. He is just starting his eighth grade year at St. Hubert School. Here is a peek at what he has to say…

Right now school is getting a bit tougher, but the past few days I haven’t had too much homework. I am pretty worried about my term paper and book reports, because they seem so big! I hope I do a good job on them, so I better start my book, The Golden Compass, so I can get a good start.

This school year seems better than everyone anticipated. The new principal is really good and has some neat ideas. The new language teacher is a bit strict, but she is a great teacher. And she doesn’t make us correct other students’ papers, so the grades will be much more fair, and accurate.

I was looking forward to the Washington D.C. trip at the end of the school year, but the events today might prevent the trip. There is still a lot of confusion, but some terrible, horrific things took place today. Some terrorists hijacked four airplanes. One of them crashed into the World Trade Center. Then a while later another plane crashed into the other World Trade Center building. After another half hour both buildings collapsed. Also, one plane crashed into part of the Pentagon, and one crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania. All air traffic is stopped now, and I hope that nothing else happens. Today at school we watched the news for a while, and everyone was hyped and scared. We gathered in the church to pray for the potentially thousands of people that lost their lives, and their family, friends, and neighbors. It has been a very sad day.

I’m kind of a computer freak, and I have a cool laptop! I enjoy bowling, and I am in a bowling league on Fridays starting soon. I work in my mom’s stores two nights a week and on the Saturdays that I am at mom’s house. I am not involved in any other sports, because I am not into them! Oh yeah, some of my favorite subjects are science and math. I sort of like current events, because it is always new and usually interesting, involving the nation and the world.

During this year, I hope to learn a lot, and meet my goals. Some of my goals include making high honor roll or at least honor roll every quarter, making my ties to my friends stronger, preparing myself for high school, and last but not least, graduating!

I think my graduation will be cool, and I sure hope there is a lot of food and cake!!! Well, that is all I have to say for now. Goodbye, and good luck!”

Well I hope that will mean something to you, and it was a pleasure bringing to you a piece of your past.

Best regards, Charlie’s ghost of the past