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Punish white collar crime

Posted at age 28.

Lawrence Lessig states it well:

I would also direct the Justice Department to prosecute white collar crimes through penalties imposed on people first. Corporations are not people. When a corporation has been found to violate the law, we should hold its executives accountable. That includes, when the crime is serious enough or repeated, prison. And when fines are the only feasible penalty, they must be high enough to make it irrational for any corporation to risk their penalty. Too many corporations view fines as a cost of doing business. If they were a certain pathway to bankruptcy, fewer would violate the law.

Finally, I would press Congress to pass legislation that would reverse the Supreme Court’s precedent that has granted government officials an increasingly large immunity when they violate the law. When police violate the law, the police department should pay. The federal government should establish streamlined alternative procedures for victims of lawless government officials to be compensated. But those who violate the law, including especially the rights protected by the Constitution, should face certain and swift consequences.