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Fix territory quirks that deny justice

We need better processes across government that are immune to Congressional stalling, and how we handle our territories is a prime example. Millions of Americans are being denied constitutional rights. Many have sacrificed for the nation and are denied the support they deserve.

Puerto Rico has about 4 million residents and is effectively a state, so should be incorporated to provide constitutional protections. American Samoa has 55 thousand residents and a government and thus should be classified as organized. The Palmyra Atoll has no residents or government and should be classified as unincorporated. These issues are of varying importance, but our inability to effectively handle them reflect poorly on our government. Perhaps our laws could be written in such a way more would happen automatically and Congress could not become a roadblock to functionality.

A set of Supreme Court decisions made over 100 years ago has left U.S. territories without meaningful representation. That’s weird, right?

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