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Relaxing week in Zagreb

Posted at age 26.

My stay in Croatia was a bit different than the other stops so far, as it was the first time I stayed by myself instead of with a friend. I ended up doing less than I imagined I would, but it was relaxing, and I saw some sights at least.


Running near Park Maksimir

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I can shave again

Posted at age 26.

When I began this journey around the world March 12, I forgot two things: my new microfiber towel and the charger for my Braun Series 7 shaver.

I realized this in London, and since my ex was then staying in my room in San Francisco, I asked him to take those things with him to Chicago (It was Sunday) and mail them to my upcoming Portugal address Monday morning, which cost $25 for priority international shipping. It was to take 6-10 days, so I was banking on the earlier end.


Makeshift charger for my Braun shaver

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