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Switching to Dvorak, Part 3

Posted at age 30.

I’ve been using Dvorak full time on computer for 17 months, a number that shocked me just now when I initially wrote “5 months” and then realized I was off by a year. I have not deliberately practiced much in the last year, and am also not as fast as I hoped I would be by this point. Still, I have no regrets. I have also not had any typing related hand or finger pain, which was what led me to this originally.

I still use QWERTY on my phone, but I have been thinking about switching there, too. My brain does seem to treat them totally separately; I initially suck at typing QWERTY every time I try on computer but never think twice on the phone.

Since I want to do some more practice, I’ll continue to log some statistics to this entry just as I have in the past in Switching to Dvorak and Switching to Dvorak, Part 2.


  • Level 1: 2 mins
  • Level 2: 3 mins
  • Level 3: 4 mins
  • Level 4: 3 mins, 89.6%
  • Level 5: 4 mins

Your score: 347 CPM (that is 69 WPM)
Your score: 343 CPM (that is 69 WPM)

TypingCat 5 min test with backspace disabled:

  • 54 WPM / 321 CPM (96%, 58/1658)
  • 56 WPM / 344 CPM (97%, 67/1782)

Last time, about 7 months ago, four such tests with backspace disabled averaged 46.5 WPM. So this average 55 is about 18% faster. At least that’s the right direction…

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