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Insync broken with GDAuthError

Posted at age 30.

The backup and sync saga never ends! Now on my desktop I have been unable to open the Insync UI or apparently get it to sync at all. I killed it and run it by console to see if there was any output, and it fails before it starts syncing anything with an error: GDAuthError: Access token refresher stopped. Only two search results appear for “GDAuthError Insync”. One from a year ago has no solution, but someone commented recently that it happened to them, so perhaps there was a regression.

$ insync start --no-daemon
ERROR    2019-01-26 17:42:01,888 [clientlogging:_logged_report_error:223] Uncaught error from <Greenlet at 0x7f5656d54f50: <bound method GDState.get_user_info of <idesksyncer.gdstate.GDState object at 0x7f56551116d0>>>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "gevent/", line 390, in run
  File "idesksyncer/", line 208, in get_user_info
  File "idesksyncer/", line 1139, in get_user_info
  File "idesksyncer/", line 567, in __request
  File "idesksyncer/", line 377, in get_token
  File "gevent/", line 223, in get
GDAuthError: Access token refresher stopped.
INFO     2019-01-26 17:42:01,894 [fswatch:unwatch:562] unwatching /mnt/docs/Documents