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Neat stereo effects

Posted at age 29.

I was listening to Reality by Oliver Koletzki with my headphones when I thought I accidentally switched the audio to my large speakers. Alan was in the room and indicated he heard nothing, so I was momentarily very confused! Then I rewound the track and found the same thing happen again, at which point I realized the track was either post processed or the microphone physically moved so the sound would seem to have moved behind. I couldn’t find any web pages mentioning this track, hence this blog, probably only for my future reference!

Erik sent a link to a video employing a similar effect, which the caption claims is based on differences in “how sound sounds” in front and back due to ear and head shape.

[youtube iR9XpIAX63o]

So perhaps there really can be a front and back sounding sound. I initially assumed my brain was filling in what it assumed must be happening, but perhaps it could be interpreted as coming from the front as well.

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