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Posted at age 29.

I set my alarm for 8 a.m. but struggled to get up then. I shouldn’t have set an alarm, for I hit snooze every seven minutes for two hours and I’m quite tired now. I made tea and three eggs and sat down to work, though I got a bit sidetracked looking into voice recognition software and seeing if there’re any comparisons with android and Mac OS dictation. I could not find much, mostly just marketing crap. When I saw the description for dragon professional for Mac and how it uses deep learning technology now, which I guess is what I would expect, I thought perhaps it was worth a try. I didn’t find any coupons to reduce the $300 price tag, and then I looked at it on Amazon. There I found many reviews with an average of 2 1/2 stars, which dissuaded me from bothering. Then I looked into enabling Mac OS dictation again. I’ve never had much luck with it, but it seems to be working now, after I deleted my preferences files. I’ll see if I can manage to write more detailed blog entries now using dictation… but for now I need to get back to work. I still have some small topics I want to make flashcards for and get them into Anki and then get back on the job search.


Somehow the day flew by and I have not even finished making flashcards with the tabs I have open. Mostly it’s the second half of regular expressions and a little bit of Python I have left. I did add some more flashcards for the sort and du shell utilities, though that was not even on the agenda for today!

I am quite full from my “El Gigante” from Burrito Express. It had sweet potato fries and was pretty good despite my not loving fries in burritos.

I’m not sure using dictation on Mac OS is going to workout for me. I keep getting stuck in the find box, and in general it is very slow and not accurate. I have better luck talking to my android phone. Maybe I’ll stick with writing blog entries from my phone, although that is frustrating for other reasons.