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Amazon Drive failure to launch

Posted at age 29.

Less than a month ago I posted Switching from Backblaze to Arq+Amazon and already Amazon has canceled its unlimited plan, thus foiling my backup plan.



I managed to upload nearly 2TB in the past few weeks, well on my way to my target offsite storage of about 5TB of my data. After deciding one week ago this solution would work, I purchased Arq before the trial ended. Now I guess I will cancel my Amazon plan entirely and forgo all that uploaded data (again), and perhaps I have no use for Arq now. At least Amazon will not be getting a single dollar for this since I am still in the free trial period of the cloud drive!

For the amount I would expect to pay Amazon or anyone else to handle my data backups, it looks like I will be better off cloning my hard drives and setting up a server at my mom’s house!