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Nerita snails laid eggs

Posted at age 28.
Edited .

Feb. 20 I noticed between 20 and 30 white spots on the front of the display tank. I had noticed some on the back of the refugium a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure what happened to them. I assumed these were due to the five “tapestry nerite snails” I got from Aquarium Depot.


Then Feb. 21 I witnessed one of the snails in the act of laying more eggs. I am pretty sure each white spot is actually a sac containing multiple eggs. By today, Feb. 22, there are even more sacs all along the front, which is also the only surface with algae growing, I believe due to placement of the light. Now I count 85 egg sacs total. Since there are five snails, each one must have laid at least 20. Since the first day I counted 20-30, I’m guessing four of the snails have laid eggs, but perhaps they all did!

As for whether they will hatch, I am doubtful, but hoping to be pleasantly surprised. As mentioned, I saw these before on the bottom tank, but I don’t know what happened to them. At least there are no predators currently in the display tank. I had read other snail eggs required brackish conditions to hatch, so perhaps these will be doomed. We will see!

Feb. 23 update: 98 sacs

Feb. 26 update: Approximately 195 sacs!