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Main tank set up

Posted at age 28.
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After waiting two months for the tank from Windrider Creations and seeing it still had not shipped, I ordered a similarly sized tank from Marine Depot instead. I received it Thursday at 12:54 p.m. and spent the rest of the day figuring out my plumbing setup.

I had a few issues with the Siphon Stopper return and H2Overflow from Custom Aquariums. The overflow is quite large, and I wish they made a similar product in half the diameter. The return did not fit well in my aquarium. I should have cut a chunk out of the top so I could raise the Siphon Stopper higher, but I decided to mount it as high as possible within the tank. Since the tank bowed out a bit when filled with water, the overflow changed a bit such that it lets more water down than I hoped after cutting power. It should work, though, as long as I allow enough space for a gallon or two of water to drain down to the lower tank.

Then it took me a while to get the water draining to be relatively quiet. I should have used a smaller return pump, as I am using it on its most reduced setting currently. The overflow tube is super wide, and I resorted to inserting another tube inside it to reduce some of the rushing water noise.

Pictures to come, perhaps!