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Gorgonians not opening, worms acting weirdly

Posted at age 28.

My red gorgonian had been opening somewhat consistently when it was in the refugium, but has barely opened since I moved it to the display tank. I’m not sure if that is related, or if it has to do with other changes I made. I received another gorgonian, but yellow, last week, and it had been opening in the display tank till a few days ago. I tried moving them to very high flow and then to low flow to no avail. I think I’ll move them to the refugium now.

The two oldest feather dusters were doing fine in the display tank till I added all the corals last week. I’m not sure if the corals released toxins or it was just the chaos that stressed them out, but both of them popped their crowns. The newest three feather dusters have been fine, though, and they are located close together, so the conditions should be similar. The one that popped the crown first has remained in his tube since, though I checked that he was alive two days ago using the endoscope my dad got me for Christmas. The other one is also alive, but has been surfacing frequently. Then two days ago it started coming out of the tube and reaching for the rocks nearby. I thought it might be trying to eat. Now it’s doing that during daylight, not just at night. I attempted to move his tube so it would be a bit closer to the rock. I’m not sure if he is toying with leaving or just wants to explore. Something changed about his face today, too, such that it looks damaged, but there are no predators. The following photo is before he looked damaged.


A feather duster peaking out of the tube a few days after he popped his crown off, I think due to stress from my experimenting with different powerhead placements.

I haven’t seen any more tiny jellyfish lately, or many pods at all, but I did find this weird star thing on the glass today.


Small unidentified star creature

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