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Lettuce sea slug, Day 2

Posted at age 28.

Yesterday I received two separately packaged green lettuce sea slugs, Elysia spp., from It’s a good thing they were separate. One was dead, and the water was greenish and smelled through the bag. The other one seemed OK.

I let the bag float in the 20 gallon temporary tank for the temperature to equalize, and then I drip acclimated him for about a half hour. I put him in the tank, and he blew around a bit after I turned the circulation pump back on. He landed by a rock and stayed there for hours, but he explored a bit over the course of the next day. He is currently halfway up the front face of the tank, perhaps trying to get closer to the lights since he somewhat relies on photosynthesis.


The surviving lettuce sea slug (Elysia spp.) from