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The San Francisco Marathon: Take 2

Posted at age 28.
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I just realized (in July 2017) I forgot to finish posting this entry last year. That’s a bit of a shame, as it was my best time (3:58:09) and I was now hoping to remember a bit about how I prepared. The photos will have to suffice!


Waiting for my corral to start the San Francisco Marathon. I got there minutes before launch, so at least I didn't have time to think about being cold.


One of the complimentary race photos.


The Golden Gate Bridge was pretty foggy, as expected. But I wasn't too cold at least!


Obligatory mid marathon Golden Gate Bridge selfie.


Looks like I'm conversing with him, but I don't recall that happening.


This is probably my best photo ever.


Nearly dead and about to cross the finish line


I'm guessing this man joined the race near the end, but you never know…


A dozen people asked to take pictures with me during and after the race, which was pretty fun. Mostly I just wanted a little attention in the form of cheers to keep me motivated!


My feet survived quite well. I put two bandages on ahead of time on the outer sides where I sometimes get blisters, and that worked great. I got only one small blister starting to form under the left foot. Woo! I also didn't realize one of the tags didn't have a chip, so I didn't need to put that one on…