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Log: 2016-08-09

Posted at age 28.
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Woke up, late, and still a bit tired.


Called to get food card reactivated. Have more than $400 to use, thankfully. Went to Falletti for groceries while Alan got coffee at Oak Cafe. I spent $94 on mostly vegetables, milk and some fermented things, aiming to avoid gluten for a while and work on my microbiome.

Returned home, ate a little bit of everything, spent some time with Alan, showered, and took 15mg Adderall with some matcha tea.


Talked to Mom about family and business issues. Worked on the scheduling software setup a bit with her.


Break for yogurt machine and initial testing of umbrella cloud structure for Burning Man. Researched evaporation techniques for Burning Man and contemplated a shower structure.


Went to get dinner with Yizhen, Ryan and Josh from UK. We were going to go to Shanghai Dumpling King, but they were closed, so we went to Japantown, first to Izakaya Kou, but then Josh wanted ramen, so we left and went to Tanpopo. I guess he didn’t care much that we had been seated for 10 minutes, drank our water and were about to order. I felt a bit silly leaving so quickly, without even telling the waitress; silly on top of I was not dressed appropriately as it was. Still, I enjoyed my shio ramen with tonkatsu at the second restaurant.