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Log: 2016-08-08

Posted at age 28.
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Forcing myself to get up at the time I set my Fitbit to vibrate (8:00 and then 8:06 and 8:09). I used to set the Fitbit and my phone, but I realized last night I could just set multiple Fitbit alarms (necessary since it does not have a snooze feature, understandably). Hearing roommates up and about served as further motivation, as they could see me rising early enough for them to see me rising. I made some matcha tea (using culinary grade matcha, not ceremonial grade matcha).


Went for a short 3.7 mile run this morning. I took off Monday through Saturday following the marathon, and first ran yesterday a slow 4.66 miles while playing Pokémon GO. Today I was quite tired, likely due to not eating enough lately.


Showered, started laundry.


Researching pill containers on Amazon. Was going to buy more of the same ones I use, which have two compartments per day, though I was using each for separate days, thus yielding 14 days of compartments per container. Now my supplements take up too much space, so I am considering using the two compartments as intended. But in researching, there are other containers with three or four compartments per day. I think I’ll hold off buying till I do some research about which supplements might interact and thus inform my decision of how many compartments per day I should be using. My previous strategy had been to spread the pills throughout the day by taking one or two at a time when I remembered, but usually I would end up taking a random half of the pills twice a day since I didn’t think of it more. Some days I took all the pills right before bed, hoping any stomach issues sort themselves out while I sleep.

Browsed some ceremonial grade matcha powder on Amazon. I guess I’ll try some and see if I can tell the difference.

Researching products containing nicotinamide riboside and also pterostilbene. Settled on two products to try.

Researching timing of supplements. (Labdoor,, Suzy Cohen, WebMD) Multivitamin with food but not too fatty due to fat insoluble components being hindered by fat but fat soluble components requiring it. Vitamin D early since may negatively impact sleep. Calcium and magnesium with food to reduce GI upset and in evening due to calming effects. Zinc 1hr before or 2hr after meal unless GI distress, and avoid with calcium and dairy, and iron. Probiotics 30 mins before meal containing some fats, which buffer stomach acidity. (Probiotic survival worst 30 mins after meal.) Fish oil with multivitamin and food, but not before physical activity. Vitamin D/E/K several hours before or after other fat solubles. Curcumin in morning since raises brain neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. CoQ10 with food. Fiber after 1 hr and 2 hr before others.

Carbohydrates empty from the stomach about 30 minutes to 2 hours post consumption while protein takes somewhat longer, 1.5 – 6 hours after ingestion. Fat is the slowest macronutrient in its digestive speed: only 10g can be processed by the digestive tract each hour.

Placing Amazon order of pill boxes, tea, supplements, bike chain lube and more.


Opening two boxes.


Eat some chicken I made last night and spinach Yizhen bought a week ago. Starting organizational work on computer.


Greet and show around Yizhen’s British friend Josh who is staying with us for the week.


Burning man camp organization. Write Facebook message to Danny and discuss with Erik and David.


Find and download photos from the marathon.


Organizing photos and files.


Alan arrived. We listened to a book for 30-60 minutes and then went down for dinner, prepared by Yizhen’s new boyfriend Ryan, for the occasion of Yizhen’s old friend from Shanghai’s visit to San Francisco this week.


Watched “Synecdoche, New York” and a part of “A Single Man” with Alan.

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