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Delaying running, putzing with website

Posted at age 28.

I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, as I planned to go for an 18 mile run, but wanted to wait till I pooped. I had some Greek yogurt and honey, and then a granola bar, and after a couple of hours, I still couldn’t go.

I knew if I waited longer, my entire day would consist of little else than running and recovery. So I decided to take my Adderall and try to be productive, and then consider doing the run at night before bed. That way I could kind of save time since instead of sitting around exhausted after, I would just sleep.

A minute after I took the pill, I had to go to the bathroom. Of course. But I didn’t want to waste it, so I have been working all afternoon. During the past few days I got some blog posts up regarding my new microscope and some other random bits, but I’ve also been working on pieces of the website itself. This week I made changes to the print style sheet, added sorting to the archives and more. Today I got sucked into some more unimportant changes.

I added a Google Custom Search page as a quick solution for sitewide search, which I have thus far not bothered to implement since probably nobody would want to search my site anyway, and I just do it directly from Google. But I figured it would take a minute, so why not? Well, it took a little longer than that since Google doesn’t support putting the custom search code on an HTTPS page, so I had to host the show_afs_search.js file locally and change the hardcoded http to https. I don’t see any ads on the search results, which was half the point, since I installed ads this week. Oh well.

In testing that search page, I noticed a bunch of my archive pages showing up, such as for month and category listings. I thought I blocked those with my robots.txt file, but it turns out I did not. I tried to check this in Google “Search Console”, which I guess is the new name for “Webmaster Tools”. I think I fixed it, but I’ll need to wait till Google recrawls to confirm.

While I was there, I checked on the other pages, which never showed much for me. I know my site doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but I didn’t understand why there were no statistics at all under Search Traffic > Search Analytics and all the other tabs except the Crawl > Crawl Stats section. After some reading, I found I needed to add a new property specifically for the HTTPS version of my website. I didn’t realize this since everywhere in the interface, it just said and not Not very good UI on Google’s part! Anyway, I added that, and now I get to wait and see.