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Viral on Facebook, infected with hate

Posted at age 27.

My dad shares a lot of posts on Facebook, on a variety of topics. Many are political or gun related, and sometimes the comments are interesting. This was a recent one posted by Tess Taylor on April 23 at 12:26pm PT:


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As for the content, the point is fair, and I’m not disputing that. But almost out of habit, I clicked to see some of the comments. For the super viral posts, often there will be a prominently featured comment proving the content wrong or something putting it into context. This wasn’t such a post, but the comments were still interesting, in that it seemed to be one of the poster’s first viral-ish posts.


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She wrote:

It’s crazy. It’s really wierd how it works actually, cuz I have been getting hundreds of friend requests. They started coming from california and then washington and then Idaho. Like, its moving along by state. Its really odd

My curiosity lay in the profile photo, which appeared to be a young woman who is clearly patriotic. And I have nothing against that! I expected her persona would draw in patriotic admirers, probably mostly male. Clicking her profile photo, there were indeed a bunch of comments that seemed more like admirers than friends, but I of course don’t know for sure. At any rate, they were all males, and one even shared it on his own profile.


tess_taylor_profile.png" class="mt-image-none" height="601

So maybe she is just a nice patriotic girl who gets some attention from the dudes. No problem there. But looking at some more of her posts and comments, it seems she perhaps predictably fosters that culture of hate that’s so common these days, in liberals and conservatives. But it seems pretty clear to me the hatred is much stronger on the conservative side. Sometimes I wonder if this is a natural reaction to being on the wrong side of history in so many cases. Or perhaps losing in the long run is a consequence of the hate. Or perhaps they just happen to coincide but aren’t casually related. Anyway, you have to love the hypocrisy of these comments. So conservative he is cannot let some other guy love the guy he loves, but yet he can love as many girls at once as he pleases. Hmm.


tess_taylor_comments_2.png" class="mt-image-none" height="586

Then the most recent post is little more than childishly insulting others who aren’t present to defend themselves.


tess_taylor_faggit.png" class="mt-image-none" height="1823

And just like that, I went from having a shimmer of hope one of these young conservatives has a good heart and might help make the world a better place to seeing she’s just another of the same, seen so many times before.

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