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Scorecard: year 1, weeks 9–11

Posted at age 27.

The eleventh week of my first 12 week year is over, and I scored 52.2%. The previous two weeks, I scored 43.3% and 72.7%.

Sticking to the schedule has been rough lately. I’ve felt less motivated, and the less I accomplish, the less motivated I’ve been. Obviously not a good cycle. I’ve also fallen a tad behind in the running regimen, though considering how many weeks it’s been, having missed just a handful of workouts isn’t that bad, and is certainly better than I expected. March was my highest mileage month ever, and February was also till I ran further in March! And I’m glad I got the 14 mile run in today after almost deciding to skip it entirely.

Starting around Week 7, I’ve been spending more time with friends. This isn’t a bad thing, but I haven’t been managing my time very well. When I made me plan at the beginning, I put down 4 hours per week to spend with friends. This wasn’t intended to be a limit, but more to incentivize me to spend at least some time with friends. I know I use work as an excuse to turn down invitations to hang out, and I wanted to prevent that from keeping me from seeing a friend for an entire week. The first three weeks of this plan, I indeed only spent 7, 4.5 and 6 hours with friends. But during the past five weeks, I averaged 16 hours with friends. Still, this could be just fine if I got everything else done, but I didn’t.

I’m not sure friends are the problem, and I know if I managed my time better, I could see friends even more and be just fine. I think that has been preventing me from minimizing the friend time even more; I keep hoping I will get it together and it’ll all work out.

Possibly the bigger problem, I think, has been waking up late. This sometimes has to do with a friend sleeping over, which has been almost constant lately. Alan and Jon have been staying over quite a bit (separately, usually), and I’ve also been hosting Maro while he visits from Seattle. Generally none of them has to get up at any particular time, so bed inertia has been especially strong. And maybe I’m just making excuses, but when I wake up late and have to start deleting or moving things on the calendar, it seems to all go downhill from there.

Anyway, I’ll briefly write about the last three weeks, and hopefully the final week goes well!


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During Week 9, I got back into Khan Academy, BrainHQ and WaniKani, spending around 13 hours on them. For some reason I barely did any of those aside from a little WaniKani during weeks 7 and 8. Then I fell off the bus again during weeks 10 and 11.

Maro arrived, though he did keep busy outside the house most days, so that wasn’t too distracting for my schedule. I also hosted a game night Friday night, but none of the members of the new “Hangout Club” could make it except for Brad. Good thing I invited Mike (who brought a friend, Chris) and Eric and his boyfriend Mike. Brad also invited Nick again. So we all played games and had some drinks, and then Brad and Nick and I went to Toad Hall for a while.


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During Week 10, I got sucked into SmartThings. I started writing about that in another post, and it was a little rough. I’ll write more about what I’m doing with that later, but I’ll just say I spent 34 hours on installing and setting it up this week. Much of that was studying house wiring and electrical troubleshooting, so I decided to count this all as “project” time. Originally I intended that to be for Arduino and programming work, but this is leading into that, and was somewhat mentally stimulating anyway. That explains the slightly higher 73% score this week, which is perhaps higher than I “deserved” considering how I didn’t follow the schedule well, and this wasn’t originally planned for my projects.

Also of note, the Burning Man ticket sale was Wednesday, and I failed to get tickets for the first time. I’ll probably write about that in a separate post also.


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This past week, Week 11, I had some unplanned hangouts with Jon and Alan during the day, and also continued with installing new light switches and motion sensors for my SmartThings setup. I basically didn’t do any planned studying or programming projects, but I did start reading all the documentation for SmartThings and Groovy, the language it uses, which itself is based on Java. (joy…)

Then Friday Maro returned from spending the week with his foreigner friend, and I also cleaned the house a bit and organized the remaining things in Paul’s old room so I could show it to a woman Friday evening.

I did what I could yesterday and today to get caught up, but it wasn’t spectacular. At least I am writing this review now, as opposed to weeks later!

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