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Scorecard: year 1, week 8

Posted at age 27.

Week 8 of my first 12 week year is over, and I scored 50.4%. This is about the same as last week.

I dropped the ball this week, as far as sticking to the schedule goes. I did get a lot done, but as with last week, it was mostly house work and dealing with Comcast. I haven’t been getting up early consistently, but I have been sticking to my running schedule for the most part, at the expense of studying. While heavy rains should probably help me stay on schedule, I found my motivation lacking with the gloom and cold. Due to waking up late and some errands, I didn’t take Adderall several days also, which didn’t help. On top of that, I’ve gotten a bit sucked into the fourth season of House of Cards, which I resisted accidentally for a full week, and have been trying to limit to an episode or two a day. Every other year, I watched it in nearly one sitting, so I’m doing fairly well this time.



Two weeks ago, Paul moved out finally. I don’t mean I was looking forward to it, but rather that he was talking about moving out for a long time, but the date kept slipping. Yizhen’s desire to replace Paul was blessed by Derek months ago, and I think everyone kind of hoped Paul would end up staying till the summer. Well, he left, and now we’re going to try to find a temporary roommate for the next three or four months. I looked into doing AirBnb, but it seemed far from given we would even be able to recover the amount we’d get in rent, and it would be a lot of hassle upfront to satisfy the new city requirements and get the “business” running.

Despite photos probably not strictly being necessary for finding a roommate in this crazy rent climate, I finished taking photos of all the important rooms of the house so Derek can make some listings. We may already have a lead, but I also wanted to take the opportunity to rearrange some of the rooms and reduce clutter. There’s a long way to go, but the rooms look presentable at least. I hoped to make a separate post with some of those photos, but some bug is preventing my Embedder app from accessing the photos, so I’ll need to investigate that first.

Yizhen was also here most of the past week, but his visit didn’t detract much from my work. We did hang out during the weekend a bit, but I wasn’t supposed to be relying on the weekend to catch up anyway. I have another friend visiting this week, so I’ll just need to shape up!

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