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Rubio’s freeze America campaign fails

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Last month, before I realized there was going to be a thousand GOP and Democratic debates, I was still tuning in to each one, though often late, as they caught me off guard. During the Feb. 6 GOP debate, I actually empathized with Marco Rubio, as several times he seemed to nearly shed tears.

Today, Rubio dropped out of GOP nomination race, finally. Not that Trump or Cruz are any better ideologically, but they at least seem more likely to be able to handle the pressure of the job.

That early debate convinced me I would rather elect any of the governors as president instead of Cruz, Trump or Rubio. If I had to choose one of the Republicans, of course. If I could choose anyone, it apparently would be Gandhi.

During the debate, Rubio repeated himself quite a bit. This might be acceptable if he was actually answering the question asked, but it was clearly just a fallback after he didn’t know what to do when the conversation veered off script. It seems to me this indicates what we could expect if he became president and faced the unknown.

One thing I didn’t fully understand was how Rubio kept saying Obama wants to “change America.” This seems rather obvious, as it defined Obama’s campaign. We can debate whether he changed America anywhere near as much as he promised, especially regarding the financial sector, but that’s another issue. Rubio’s message is apparently that change is bad, and we need to keep America exactly as it is, if not revert it to some point in the past.

Is this really what Republicans want? Is change not a given in this world, in which countries who change the slowest, who fail to capitalize, are left behind? I guess Bernie Sanders isn’t the only candidate with some anti capitalism messages!

The following video seems like a compilation of Rubio’s worst debate moments, but it actually did happen all in one go, with Chris Christie in clear command of the situation.

[youtube ePxJJb7vSSg]

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