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Handwriting font service automates what took me hours 10 years ago

Posted at age 27.
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While I was looking for some old political test results in my files, I stumbled across a font I made of my handwriting in high school. The filename is charlie2006.ttf, though I seem to remember making the font earlier than that. Perhaps I made two. Making that font using some program I don’t remember took many hours of painstaking curve plotting and adjustments, but I figured there might be an easier way now. And sure enough, Google showed me


The automated handwriting font creator from is slick, but I needed to redo my scans a few times to make corrections for thickness and more.

I simply printed out the PDF, wrote the letters, scanned it at 580dpi (because 600 yielded a 6600px tall image, and the limit is 6500px), saved it as a JPG (because the other formats yielded images much larger than the maximum 6MB) and uploaded it. Within seconds, I had my OpenType Font file!

As a comparison, I took screenshots of the story page of my blog with its current font, the one I made in 2006 or earlier, and the newest one.


story_lora.png" class="mt-image-none" height="509


story_charlie_2006.png" class="mt-image-none" height="572


story_charlie_2016.png" class="mt-image-none" height="533

Pretty slick!