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Week in review: drugs, overtime and genetics

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This week involved not much more than working 56 hours (unusual), though it was at least in the company of my dog, Vera, since her new owner was out of town.

Work has been pretty crazy lately, as two of my large clients are undergoing migrations and redesigns. One of those launched this week, which went pretty smoothly, but just took a lot of time I didn’t have. The other has a lot of work left, but I hopefully finished most of my role and provided enough documentation for others on my team to fill in the gaps. Time will tell, there. As for me, I supposedly have off two days next week in exchange for the overtime this week, and I am already planning to take off the entire following week to get caught up on personal stuff.

I almost forgot to get a new Adderall prescription this week. I am prescribed one 25mg capsule daily, but because amphetamines are Schedule II drugs, it is somewhat inconvenient to actually obtain what I am prescribed. For most drugs, I can get 90 day prescriptions automatically filled by the mail order pharmacy my insurance uses, OptumRx. The two drugs I take, however, aren’t so easy. (Truvada as PrEP is a story for another time.)

Amphetamine and methylphenidate

Amphetamine and methylphenidate

Adderall prescriptions cannot be called into the pharmacy, and cannot be written for more than 30 days, at least in California. Additionally, my insurance won’t allow me to fill it earlier than 30 days. This means the only way I can legally get the medication I need is to obtain a prescription on or before the 30 day mark and go to the pharmacy on the 30 day mark. If the doctor is busy or that day falls on a weekend or holiday, or god forbid I can’t schedule my life around obtaining this prescription every 30 days, I have to go without it. Even if the stars mostly align, like they did yesterday, it can still be tough. I managed to contact my doctor and get the prescription yesterday, but I had to go to three Walgreen’s locations before I found one with the medication in stock. Thankfully there are many close to each other here in San Francisco!

By the way, the web portal my doctors use can be pretty entertaining:

My "Personal Health Conditions" on Follow My Health, the medical portal my doctors use

In other news, I am still struggling with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014), as I have struggled with every other Apple product I have ever owned. Lately I am unable to restart the damn thing while it is connected to monitor. Erik suggests I try to repair disk permissions with Disk Utility. I’ve done it before, but I guess it shouldn’t hurt… hopefully.

Also, my mom joined 23andMe, and we confirmed she is indeed my mother:

My relatives, according to 23andMe

My relatives, according to 23andMe

I haven’t been running very much lately, either. I did get my new sandals (the Venada Roja, which my brother Tim likes) from Luna Sandals today. I need to make this chart look a little less ridiculous.

I am a consistent runner…

I am a consistent runner…

That last run, by the way, was Monday, which was also my 10,000th day alive!


runkeeper_10000_days.jpg" class="mt-image-none" height="1599

Somehow it ended up on my work calendar…


slack_10000_days.jpg" class="mt-image-none" height="1599

Anyway, today I slept in, ordered some chicken tikka masala pizza from the Indian pizza joint I found on and made a few improvements to how my blog publishes photos and videos. I also added nicer 404 error pages to this site and threw up a quick entry about that: Handling 404 errors in Movable Type

So now that it’s nearly midnight, I can resume working on photos, which was my plan for the entire day today.