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Try again

Posted at age 27.

The prompt didn’t so much as startle you as it caught you off guard.

Not a threat, but unexpected.

After the brief heart stop, your habitual memory takes over, striking key after key in the pattern oh so familiar.

Familiarity ought to demonstrate you’re doing it wrong. This you recognize. But that thought you push aside, for that isn’t what you’re trying to accomplish here.

Your consciousness sucks back to your finger; bound, but only for a moment.

A thought timidly nips at your attention. You briefly take stock that while yes, it has been a while, you performed sufficiently well the last time around and you are safe for now.

You release that mental obligation, something you should do far more often.

You’re normally not one to leave acting on such a thing to chance. But just this once, you remember how to let it go, how to forget.

You’re confident it’s still strong enough to remain unsolved, yet you’re certain you know it well enough your subconscious mind can input the correct sequence. But you’re not certain both cases can simultaneously be true, and you start to fear.

You’re about to send the command, and you’ve no idea whether you’re about to be prompted: “Try again.”