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I cheated on you, Jose

Posted at age 27.

What we had was never perfect
Since that fateful day, years ago
Hesitant, as usual, I was slow to act
For I wasn’t sure if you knew what I know

Eventually I learned your kindness
And also your sensitivity
But then busy schedules, blindness
We paid the price of passivity

I traveled the world
I learned a great deal
I think I am back now
And I know I still feel

Then you saw me
Took me by surprise
On that corner
I made up some lies

But still we connected
You gave me the digits
I fought past my reservations
Followed through on the arranged visit

Sensual massage, washing, a fresh outlook
With delightful chat interspersed
More than I could have asked for
Aside from your juicy, Mexican bratwurst

That, you withheld from me
Despite my requests for dinner
You’ll have to forgive my feelings
I’m really quite the sinner

I didn’t know what to do
I did something you wouldn’t have
Now when I look in the mirror
All I see is that I shouldn’t have

I cheated on you, Jose
Though my bangs were getting shady
Never again will I forgo you, Jose
For a middle aged, Asian, lady

Jose worked on my do at the salon Rubio & Raven, last time.

Jose worked on my do at the salon Rubio & Raven, last time.