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Bits from Singapore

Posted at age 26.
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May 23

In taxi with William heading to meet his friends for dinner and going out. Slept from around 6am to 4pm and then maybe another hour after I was up an hour, since William was still sleeping and called me back to bed. I started listening to The Language Instinct. Great so far.

Also had conversation early this morning with Johnny S., formerly Johnny F., about my career and how we both were in science and went into computers and moved to San Francisco.

May 25

William texts his friend in English but talks on phone in Chinese with him. Similar to India, but William didn’t have an answer about why, whereas in India it was because people couldn’t text in Hindi on their less than smart phones.

Youtube commercials in Singapore are very feel good, propaganda ish but like they care about you. But some of them have some strange solutions…

Talk show type:

  • people complain about nowhere to eat on Sundays because there are so many foreigners in all the shopping and mall areas. point out Singaporeon middle class use domestic helpers, people don’t put away own trays. so we caused the problem.
  • people can’t communicate in own country… indian man got off bus because couldn’t talk to chinese driver. solution… past five years, fewer chinese on the front lines. “controlling the numbers”