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Thoughts on high

Posted at age 26.
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Random notes I sent myself while not sober.

Thinking about past relationships: If it hurts, it was worth it.

Our god really is the only god. That’s what we think. But do we think we know what our god really is? No. We have no idea, but we pretend, along with a select group of people, that we actually do have a pretty good idea who our god is. But we don’t know, and we know we don’t know.

Yet we judge all those other people, judge them for what we think they think their god is. But they don’t know either. And they know they don’t know. They are the same as us.

I can’t quite parse any of the following notes:

Drug is like a secret, and the secret is God. We live in a world where we are used to thinking of god as being present differently in all these religions, but we actually believe that what those people of those other religions believe is wrong.

I wanted to start by explaining how drugs are god, but ended up explaining how God is a secret, because I realized drugs are a secret and secrets are god.

So I’m not sure if the first sentence is necessary.

Even people who think they don’t think other people of other religions are wrong… are wrong. They just pretend we are really all on the same page somehow, even if the others disagree. And that’s how you know it is pretend. They know we aren’t all on the same page. And they therefore they do in fact think people of other religions are wrong.

But the real secret, the real god, is none of us is wrong.

Religion is like an illegal drug. You don’t question those of the same religion like you don’t question people doing the drug with you. It is an agreement that none of us will tell, even though everyone thinks those in another camp are wrong, and that makes us all the same.